Growth Inc. continues rapid expansion and steady hiring pace of new talent

Antwerp 25 September 2023 – By recently hiring four new employees, strategic communications and public affairs agency Growth Inc. confirms its expansion. Four new team members have started working at Growth Inc. in recent months: Julie Willaert joined the team as a Senior Consultant, and Amadeo Vanhaverbeke, Maxine Willemsen and Stefan Zagers did the same as Associates. Due to a fast-growing client base, in combination with cases which are increasingly complex, Growth Inc. is determined to keep hiring strong communications and public affairs talent in the coming months.

These four most recent talents combine broad and diverse proficiencies and backgrounds. By virtue of their personal experiences, they bring to our affairs a very broad view of society.

“At Growth Inc. I am determined to dedicate myself to the growth of our clients and make their story shine. I look forward to writing new chapters with the talented Growth Inc. team”, said Julie. As a native speaker of French and Dutch and with 15 years of corporate communications under her belt, Julie has a few aces up her sleeve. Along with working as a communications consultant in Brussels and Antwerp, and serving as spokeswoman for Jetair, she brings to the job the experience of living in Congo and Abu Dhabi, after moving there with her family.

“Socrates said: ‘All I know is that I know nothing’. Fortunately, it is always possible to learn new things. That’s why I chose to work for Growth Inc. It’s the perfect place for gaining more knowledge and valuable experience. And meanwhile, I share everything I do know,” winks Amadeo Vanhaverbeke, who is starting as an Associate. Apart from holding an MA in Comparative and International Politics from KU Leuven, he completed several internships with the Flemish government.

Maxine Willemsen is also starting as an Associate at Growth Inc. She recently graduated from the University of Antwerp with an MA in History. Since 2022, she has been the Chair of the Mechelen City Council. She also served as a political advisor for Punt. vzw, the advisory and information center for sexually transgressive behavior based at Antwerp. Maxine: “My motto is: whatever you do, do it well. It therefore seemed obvious to me to join Growth Inc. It is without a doubt the right place to expand my horizons and give the best of myself to assist our clients professionally.” 

Stefan Zagers is doing his internship at Growth Inc. as an Associate. “Time and experience are probably the most valuable things we possess, especially as students. At Growth Inc., I get the chance to purposefully gain as much experience as possible during my internship on what interests me most: Public Affairs and Public Relations.” Stefan holds an MA in Political Science from the University of Antwerp and is about to enroll in the Postgraduate Programme of European Integration at the Free University of Brussels.

Ever since it was founded as an agency in 2016, Growth Inc. has seen steady and strong growth. “Owing to a clear and sustained strategy, we are able to continuously expand our client base and attract new talent. With Julie, Maxine, Amadeo and Stefan, we were able to snap up real top performers, and we are delighted to include them in our team,” says managing partner Bram Swaerts. Growth Inc. remains on the lookout for talent at every level: it welcomes Associates, Consultants as well as Senior Consultants.