With these tools we help you gain influence.

Media relations

Addressing the media without a strategy. That’s like reading a book without page numbers.

We help you target your stakeholders through the right media. Do I need a press release or a press trip? A blogpost or an editorial? An interview or a speaking slot? We help position you as a thought leader and a reliable go-to source of information.

Public affairs

You need your message to be heard by the right people. We hear you.

There are certain issues you care very strongly about. We can make sure your stakeholders start to care as well. We will help you grab public attention, raise awareness, influence the public debate or shape legislation. We will help you navigate the current political climate, society’s hot topics, media interest and stakeholder positions.

Crisis communications

A crisis is always unexpected. Make sure you are prepared for one.

A crisis always has the worst possible timing and requires rapid action… Being well prepared is half the effort. We provide a proactive approach to crisis communications to make sure you stay ahead of the issue. With our strategic and pragmatic advice, you will be able to navigate negative news successfully. If well handled, a crisis actually provides an opportunity to reach out to stakeholders.

Thought leadership

The only thing you have in business is your reputation. Make sure you maintain it.

In a noisy world of media and social media, your reputation can be undermined easily and quickly. It is crucial to build and maintain a strong reputation. Make sure you inspire others and act as a leader. An industry leader, an opinion leader and someone who leads by example. Set yourself apart from your peers. This is the best way to engage and motivate employees, investors and customers.

Outreach programs

Make sure you cast a wide network. Reach out.

Who are my stakeholders and how do they see me? Do they see me at all? Which stakeholders are critical for my projects? What do I have in common with them? Growth Inc. can help organize and identify the right events, from traditional must-attend to invitation-only events in exclusive circles. Cast a wide network, grow it and build on it.

Economic consultancy

The economic environment can be turbulent. Stay on course.

Most organizations are operating in a highly regulated environment. Economic turmoil and international relations make it even more difficult to navigate the changing landscape. Whether it is Brexit, EU affairs, central bank policy or international economic relations, we can help you set the sail and stay on course.

Let’s Grow Together

Our team consists of communications and public affairs leaders who draw on significant experience to deliver sharp insights and achieve your goals.