As Growth Inc., we are driven by the belief that all companies, organisations and individuals have more potential than they are aware of. Since impact is in Growth Inc.’s DNA, nothing makes us happier than to see people strive, prosper and -most importantly- achieve their goals. We are convinced that all these success, how ever big or small they may be, contribute to a better world.

As Growth Inc. sees it as its duty to give back to the community, we want to do our bit for a wide range of projects that incorporate the change we want to see in society. With Growth Inc_lusive we support changemakers by finding, unlocking and exploring their strengths and talents to the fullest.

In order to turn this objective into reality, we let ourselves be inspired by the 1% Pledge. This was introduced by Marc Benioff’s Salesforce. And it means we will dedicate 1% of our revenue, 1% of our services and 1% of our employees’ time to give change and growth an impactful boost in our immediate environment. We focus our efforts in the fields of:

Societal and Personal Development

We believe that growth starts within oneself. Therefore, we support initiatives that equip people with the necessary skills to spread their wings.

Promising Young Professionals

Since today’s young professionals will shape the world of tomorrow, we think it’s only natural that we support them in their journey.

Sports Initiatives

Sports are a combination of preparation, skills, ambition and hard work. Because these elements are in line with our recipe for sustainable growth, we truly believe it can help people reach their goals.

To make sure that all team members can commit to a project they fully believe in, we do not limit ourselves to one initiative. Every team member can propose initiatives that align with their interests, ideals and beliefs. This way we commit ourselves to support a wide range of ambitious changemakers in our mission to make the world a better place.

Let’s Grow Together

Our team consists of communications and public affairs leaders who draw on significant experience to deliver sharp insights and achieve your goals.