Growth Inc. announces partnership with A Seat At The Table

It’s almost 4 years since Growth Inc. began its journey. Over the years, we have certainly outgrown our roots and can we now confidently call ourselves an established name. We are reaping the benefits of this: we work on challenging projects, our team continues to grow and you can now find us in a brand new office in Antwerp. Always welcome for a cup of coffee and a chat on the 7th floor of the Mechelsesteenweg 180.

Since we are proud of our track record, we want to keep up the pace of recent years. After all, helping people provides us with the energy to move forward. That’s why we launch Growth Inc_lusive. Under this name, Growth Inc. confirms its motivation to boost ambition and entrepreneurship in our society. We are aware that ambition can be found in every little corner. Therefore, Growth Inc_lusive is all about helping people and organisations we would otherwise never have the opportunity to work with.

In order to turn this objective into reality, we let ourselves be inspired by the 1% Pledge, introduced by Marc Benioff’s Salesforce . This means we will dedicate 1% of our revenue, 1% of our services and 1% of our employees’ time to give change and growth an impactful boost in our immediate environment. We focus our efforts in the fields of societal and personal development, promising young professionals and sports initiatives.

Our recent partnership with A Seat At The Table (ASATT) is proof of our commitment to give talent the necessary time and space to flourish. ASATT organises meetings between top entrepreneurs, opinion leaders and politicians on the one hand and young people from with a vulnerable background on the other hand. Additionally, ASATT puts together workshops by well-known entrepreneurs from all sorts of sectors.

Managing partners Olivier Van Horenbeeck and Peter De Keyzer consider this a big step forward for Growth Inc.: “The combined efforts of business and civil society are extremely underleveraged, undervalued and underestimated in Belgium. Our collaboration with A Seat At The Table is a perfect reflection of the spirit and purpose of Growth Inc.”. Olivier and Peter underline that this partnership is in not a one-way street: “We can also learn a lot from the work of ASATT and its founders, Youssef Kobo and Hassan Al Hilou. We highly value their expertise in this field”.

We are very pleased with our cooperation with Growth Inc. It proves that, contrary to popular belief, many companies are committed to contribute to a fair society“, Youssef Kobo remarks. “The potential of new strategic partnerships and innovative collaborations between impact-driven civil society organisations and purpose-driven businesses is virtually unlimited. Due to the diverse nature of Growth Inc_lusive, our partnership can take many forms and I believe this is also the strength of this initiative”, he adds.

Olivier and Peter hope they can inspire other companies, corporates and entrepreneurs with Growth Inc_lusive to donate some of their social capital to other people. “A bit of their time, some useful advice, an introduction to your network and some mentoring can make a big difference for other people. There are plenty of organisations and youngsters with a lot of ambition and dreams but with a lack of experience or access to the right people. Let’s help them to get ahead.