EU presidency

Exciting News: Belgium takes the helm of the EU Presidency in 2024! 🇧🇪

As we embark on this journey, the Belgian Presidency prioritizes key areas vital for the EU’s future.  From fostering competitiveness to addressing environmental challenges, here’s a sneak peek into the Presidency’s six key priorities:


Defending rule of law, democracy, and unity

The Belgian Presidency prioritizes upholding fundamental rights, rule of law, and democratic values in the EU. It emphasizes citizen empowerment, youth participation, and strengthening democratic values through media freedom and cultural transformation. The focus is also on supporting candidate countries and preparing for future accessions.


Strengthening our competitiveness

With an eye on evolving geopolitics and technology, the Presidency aims to enhance the EU’s competitiveness. Key aspects include a sustainable digital ecosystem, internal market and industrial future strengthening, economic security, technological leadership, and promoting research, development, and innovation for resilient value chains.


Pursuing a green and just transition

Prioritizing the Green Deal, the Presidency focuses on the energy and climate transition to address climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. It emphasizes a circular economy, adaptive capacities, and sustainable water management. Accelerating the energy transition and fostering investments in renewable sources are key goals.


Reinforcing our social and health agenda

Building on the European Pillar of Social Rights, the Presidency seeks a more inclusive and fair European society. It emphasizes social dialogue, fair labor mobility, mental health at work, and access to sustainable social protection. The agenda includes housing, crisis preparedness, and strategies to boost the health and care workforce.


Protecting people and borders

The focus is on addressing legislative files related to the European pact on migration and asylum. The Presidency aims to enhance trust, legal clarity, and humane management of migration. Attention is given to the external dimension of migration, combating organized crime, terrorism, and strengthening the EU’s resilience to crises.


Promoting a global Europe

The Presidency advocates for a more assertive approach to strengthen the EU’s resilience and autonomy in the face of geopolitical challenges. Emphasis is placed on openness, dialogue, and cooperation, with a focus on economic, security, and defense capabilities. It also promotes a balanced and open trade policy aligned with the 2030 Agenda.


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