About Growth Inc.

Growth Inc. is a non-traditional strategic communications and public affairs firm. We are catalysts in growth—we provide you with the insight, the network and the skills to drive your organization forward.

Show. Don’t tell.

There’s a maxim in writing that says ‘Show. Don’t tell'. Most strategic consultancy firms tell you what to do. We roll up our sleeves and show you how.

Master complexity

Newspaper headlines don’t lie: today’s organisations operate in a regulated and often complex environment. Solid insights into economic and social developments are required to achieve your strategic and business objectives. It takes a high-value network and long-term commitment to help businesses grow and thrive.

Our offer

We are hands-on strategic catalysts for growth – we provide you with the brightest minds and connect you with the relevant external stakeholders to move your organisation forward.

We offer strategic communications, public affairs and economic consultancy.

We realise your organisation’s objectives and go beyond.

Whether you’re an ambitious individual, an aspiring start-up, an established corporation or a determined non-profit organisation, we help you unlock your growth potential.

Our office

Address : Vlaamse Kaai 76, 2000 Antwerpen.